An Introduction to 2C2P


The main purpose of this payment integration guide is to provide merchants with the technical details of how to integrate their applications with 2C2P Payment Gateway (PGW) for credit card payment. The document contains overview of the system integration, the payment request message format, response message format, encryption and decryption of messages and sample codes of how to send the request message and receive the response.

Core Payment API for 2C2P Payment Gateway is a set of API that provide comprehensive payment methods covering these payment journeys. Refer to respective specification provided in both human-friendly HTML format and developer-friendly OpenAPI/Swagger v3.0 (YAML) format.

Core Payment API List

API NameJourney / ContextSpecification
PaymentPayment for goods and servicesPayment API
InquiryGet latest payment statusInquiry API
VoidCancel/Void/Reverse for paymentVoid API
SettlementCredit Card CaptureSettlement API
RefundRefund for paid paymentRefund API

*Void and Settlement is mutually exclusive. Settled (captured) transaction cannot be voided and vice versa. Refund is only applicable on transaction that settled prior.